We provide three different levels of coaching. What will work best for you will depend on your experience and goals throughout the year


This is it. All the care and attention you'll need to make sure you are on track every day. We won't wash your bike or make you coffee in the morning, but this is the next best thing.

  • Daily review of training files
  • Daily contact during normal hours
  • Includes Premium Training Peaks account
  • Basic sports nutrition coaching included

$599 month


If you are on a budget, or need less guidance to meet your goals, this level of coaching can help you stay on track.

  • Bi-monthly review of training files
  • Bi-monthly contact during normal hours

$189 month

Sports Nutrition Coaching

Even if you are not a Koppenberg Athlete, we can provide you with a sports nutrition plan specific to your needs. Generally our sports nutrition coaching entails 3 or 4 sessions where we review your current diet, specific sports requirements and get you on the right track with a sports nutrition plan to help you maximize the results of your training.

At this time, we are not providing sports nutrition coaching to athletes following a vegan diet. While we feel that it is possible to be a successful vegan athlete, the nutritional requirements of endurance athletes can be best met by a diet that includes animal protein sources.


Our most popular coaching package. Most athletes will find this to be exactly the level of guidance and attention they need to meet their goals.

  • Weekly review of training files
  • Weekly contact during normal hours
  • Includes Premium Training Peaks account
  • Basic sports nutrition coaching included

$299 month

Training Plans

Not ready to dive in to a monthly coaching plan just yet? We have training plans you can follow to help you prepare for a particular event or an entire season of cross racing. Contact us directly to talk about what plan might be right for you.


Hourly Consulatations

Do you need help you with your cyclocross remount, or does the thought of criterium racing scare the hell out of you?

 From cyclocross skills, smoother transitions at your next sprint triathalon, or help developing a strength training plan for yourself, our coaches are available for one on one skills clinics and consultations on an hourly basis to help you with whatever you need help with.



Getting started with Koppenberg

To get you up and running with Koppenberg, our coaches invest a considerable amount of time developing a custom plan for you based on your goals and previous history. Because of this we charge a $150 start up fee. You're free to bounce between our different packages throughout the year if you require more attention during a particular part of the season, or less when the off season rolls around.