FREE in depth sports nutrition coaching till the end of August when you sign up for one of our monthly coaching plans

We are offering FREE in depth sports nutrition coaching to new clients when you sign up for one of our monthly training plans, till the end of August. We offer basic sports nutrition coaching to all of our clients that sign up for our PRO and CAT 1 coaching packages, but during the summer we will be bumping that up to our super double extra special sports nutrition coaching! We are offering it to ALL of our new clients, no matter what level of coaching you decide on!

So what do you get? We'll review your current diet and make recommendations with a emphasis on sports performance.  Are you timing your carbohydrate intake correctly? Getting enough protein? What are you doing for post workout recovery? We look at all of this and get you on track so you are fueling your workouts as well as your recovery.

We normally provide this additional service for $250, so think of it like.. well... $250 of free nutrition coaching!



Koppenberg Coaching Group World Headquarters is moving

Well, it seems that you can’t take the New Englander out of New England for too long before they get homesick.

Being back in Colorado has been fun, and I wouldn’t have met our running or triathlon coaches if I hadn’t made the move out here for a while, but like a shark, any business that doesn’t move forward dies.  To that point we are moving our headquarters to New England next month. I’m looking forward to having the ability to work hands on with our East coast clients and expanding our presence there.

 Look for the Koppenberg Coaching Group Subaru at races around New England this year. We have some big plans in the works this coming year, so stay tuned!

Up Before The Competition, 5AM Challenge

So there are a couple clients out there that are having a tough time getting up early enough to get a morning workout in. In the spirit of Jocko Willink, we are offering the "UP BEFORE THE COMPETITION, 5AM CHALLENGE" to all of our current clients and extending it to any new clients that would like a discount on their first month of coaching:

Document yourself waking up before 5AM, for 5 days next week, and you'll get 10% off your next months coaching. This can be a screen shot from your phone, showing the time and date, a picture of your watch (remember those things) or a picture of you all kitted up before the sunrise. This doesn't mean you need to be training at 5AM, but good things happen when you get up early, so get up and get some!


Ok, it's the beginning of April and you STILL don't have a coach? Well look no further!

Now till the end of the April, Koppenberg Coaching Group is offering a special for all you procrastinators out there. We are waving our $150 start up fee AND throwing in a FREE month of coaching when you prepay for 6 months of coaching services.

You have all month to get in on this deal, but don't wait any longer. Hey, what else are you going to spend your tax return on?