You can't imagine how happy I am to have you reading this...

One month ago I was laying in a hospital bed with a blood clot in my leg. My calf swollen and painful due to the DVT that ran from mid thigh down to my ankle. I was lucky not to have ended up with a pulmonary embolism, but I wasn't feeling very lucky. An email on my phone told me that the coaching job I had been waiting for for three months wasn’t there anymore. Racing season was supposed to start that Sunday, but my doctor told me that I could just forget the idea of racing for at least the next six months as I was going to be on blood thinners. Going down hard in a criterium could kill me.

I was devastated. It had been a hard spring recovering from anemia again. Finally I was starting to put out some good power numbers. Things were starting to turn around, then it all came crashing down.

Why join a club, when you can build your own clubhouse?

I have always tried to surround myself with positive people that were kicking ass at whatever they were doing. Athletes, artists, doctors, educators. I’m very lucky to have had a variety of mentors and friends in my corner over the years. It is a great motivator to have such people become your cheerleaders.

Koppeberg Coaching Group has been an idea in the back of my head for the last five years. When I floated the idea of starting my own coaching business, the response I received from everyone was “Fuck yeah”, “It’ll be awesome”, “You’ll be great”.

As anyone who has known me for a while knows, I was doing predominantly therapeutic and sports massage under the banner of Koppenberg Body Works for years. Coaching and sports nutrition were smaller parts of the business, but the direction I really wanted to take the business. The renaming reflects a shift in focus and also the fact that it isn’t just me anymore. I have been very lucky to have other amazing coaches excited about the project, come on board to make Koppenberg Coaching Group a reality.

I want to thank my other coaches and friends who have given me the motivation and help to get Koppenberg Coaching Group off the ground. This is just the start. There are a couple other businesses that are where I want to take Koppenberg Coaching Group in the next couple years. I’m excited to see how far I can push it.

It’ll be awesome.